Sunday, April 8th, 2012 9:30 AM

Please take a minute to read!

This is a great article below
Please take a few minutes to read this, and see how you can help Dayna Stephens find a kidney! Dayna is one of the most amazing musicians in the jazz scene today, and he is one of my best friends. He is still performing constantly, and needs our help as a jazz community to deal with this serious and immediate situation. Please read and see what you can do to help. Thanks!
Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 4:01 PM

Dayna Stephens

Dear friends,
One of my best friends in the world, and someone I consider a musical genius and a true inspiration, saxophonist/composer Dayna Stephens, is in need of a kidney transplant and is going through a lot right now.
Please check out this link below:
Here you can donate to his health care costs, and help one of
the greatest musicians in the world get healthy soon. 
Friday, September 23rd, 2011 8:10 PM


Friday, September 23rd, 2011 6:51 PM

Two New NYC Shows Added

Dear friends,

I'm extremely excited for two quickly upcoming shows in NYC - on *Monday*, Sept 26 at 10:30pm, I will be doing a solo piano set at the Blue Note - this will serve as my birthday party and hang as well - friends in the area come out and hang on a Monday night! This is a double bill with Randy Weston, one of the all-time greats on the piano, and an important composer as well.

Then, on Friday October 7, I will be appearing at Le Poisson Rouge in a special format with Dayna Stephens on saxophone and the incredible Zach Ostroff on bass. I'm really looking forward to playing with this particular trio for the first time. This show will be a double bill with Tigran Hamasyan, one of my favorite pianists.

Hope to see many friends, old and new, at these upcoming concerts!

Monday, September 5th, 2011 2:55 AM

Ready to start a busy Fall....

Hey all!

A lot of new concerts are up on the Calendar page - have a look through and come out to a show this year in your area!

East Bay Area friends - I'm doing a workshop and concert at the Jazzschool on Sun, Sept 11. Really looking forward to this in particular - the workshop is on chord voicings - 11:30am - and the concert is at 4:30pm - I'm performing using various members of the current Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet - there is a link for tickets on the "Calendar" page - please come out and support if you are in the East Bay around then!

Anyways, just a brief one for now....

hope everyone is staying safe in storm season!

peace, Taylor
Thursday, June 16th, 2011 6:37 PM

June 16, 2011

Summer Update

Hey everyone! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have a summer jam-packed with good music. Please check the CALENDAR page for some exciting brand new updates and additions.

Tomorrow, Friday June 17 I am performing at Nighttown in Cleveland, OH with my quartet featuring Becca Stevens, Harish Raghavan and Clarence Penn. Ohio friends come out and hang!

Will check back in soon....
Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 11:09 PM

June 2 - 4, 2011

Hey everyone - 
Just got back to NY after touring the last two weeks with shows in Los Angleles, Seattle, Denver, Norwich, London, Barnstaple, Paris, St. Brieuc, Guidel, and Rennes.
I'm a bit exhausted and jetlagged, but happy to have the chance to play music that I really want to play, and travel with people who are my close friends. I'm thankful for the opportunity to perform with my own band as well as Gretchen Parlato's band. Big thanks to Kendrick Scott, Alan Hampton, Gretchen, Becca Stevens, and Reuben Rogers for making the last two weeks such a genuinely fun adventure!
The next gigs coming up are:
Thurs, June 2 at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA
Fri, June 3 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT
Sat, June 4 Pittsburgh Jazz Live in Pittsburgh, PA
These will be with Gretchen's group, with Harish Raghavan and Justin Brown as the rhythm section. This will be the first time this particular group has played all together in Gretchen's band, and I'm excited to be a part of it.
I'll check in again soon! In the meantime, please join my band page on Facebook, Facebook.com/TaylorEigsti and I will personally provide frequent updates. I'm unfortunately not allowed to add any more friends on my personal site, but I would encourage my new friends to join this band page, and stay in touch there.
Thanks so much for checking in!
Hope everyone is staying safe this crazy storm season...
peace, TAYLOR
Friday, May 27th, 2011 7:14 PM

May 28, 2011

Hey everyone -

Just checking in from St. Brieuc, France. Sorry that I haven't posted any news for a few days - its been a crazy and fun tour so far with Gretchen Parlato throughout the UK and France. We have two more performances in Bretagne, and then I head back to the US. We are playing 3 US gigs with this band June 2-4 - more information is on the "concerts" page - please have a look and come out to a show if you can! The rest of the year will continue with a lot more touring with my band, Gretchen's band, and a few other exciting contexts as well.

I feel truly blessed to be able to travel to the extent that I get to visit many old friends frequently, and meet many new ones all of the time. Thanks so much for the continued support, and I hope to see you at a gig soon!


Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 11:22 AM

Tues/Weds May 17 & 18

Hey DENVER friends!

My quartet featuring Becca Stevens, Reuben Rogers, and Kendrick Scott will be at Dazzle today (Tues) and tomorrow night (Weds) - two shows each night - 6pm and 8pm. I truly hope a lot of friends can come out - I love this club, and I always enjoy a chance to enjoy a bit of Colorado.

Hope to see you there!
Peace, Taylor
Monday, May 16th, 2011 4:38 AM

Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends in Seattle / Pacific Northwest....

Tonight at 7:30pm my quartet with Becca Stevens, Reuben Rogers, and Kendrick Scott will be at JAZZ ALLEY - hope to see a lot of friends!

Also, at 12pm, Becca and I will be performing live on the radio at KPLU - tune in! I'm loving every second of this tour....

Sunday, May 15th, 2011 2:05 PM

TONIGHT, Sunday May 15, 2011

Hey Los Angeles friends!!
I am thrilled to come back to southern California to play with my quartet!

We are performing tonight (Sunday) at 7:30pm (one show only!) at Catalina Jazz Club on Sunset Blvd.

My quartet includes Becca Stevens on vocals/ukelele/guitar, Reuben Rogers on bass, and Kendrick Scott on drums.

I have been waiting a long time to come back and play in LA with my group again, so I hope a lot of good friends will come out and support. The poster above was designed by the incredible Roland LeFox Nicol for this show....hope to see you there!!
Friday, May 6th, 2011 3:04 AM

May 6-8 at The Jazz Standard

Hey everyone! Just a reminder of a fun weekend in NYC with Gretchen Parlato at one of my favorite clubs in the world - The Jazz Standard - today (Friday) May 6 through the 8th. Come on out - Click here for more info
Saturday, April 30th, 2011 2:36 PM

Facebook Fan Page

Just a quick reminder to click to join the Taylor Eigsti Fan Page on Facebook!

Click Below for my Facebook Page:

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 12:17 AM

Sat, April 30

Hey Everyone -

I have a number of concerts coming up which will be exciting..

On May 2, I'll be at the Rrazz Room in SF with jazz vocalist Amanda King.

On May 6-8 I'll be at the Jazz Standard in New York with Gretchen Parlato, as a NY CD release week for "The Lost and Found" (Obliqsound)

I'm super proud of Gretchen on all of her success - her new album, which I was fortunate to play piano on, has been getting some great reviews and has been at #1 on iTunes Jazz Charts for quite a while! I'm lucky to play in that band for sure. I encourage anyone to pick up a copy of her new album - I love this music....

And then on May 13, I'm doing a special hit at one of my favorite places in the world - The Falcon in Marlboro, NY - with Alan Hampton, Dayna Stephens, and Gretchen featuring music from all of us.

I'm also excited to do quite a bit of touring for my quartet featuring Becca Stevens this summer! We are playing a lot of new music, in addition to music from my newest album, "Daylight at Midnight" (Concord Music Group). We will be also featuring some of Becca's compositions as well - she is one of my favorite songwriters of all time

Below are some upcoming concerts with my quartet with Becca - there will be more added soon, so check back for added dates!

Please visit the "Calendar" page for more information, and many more tour dates

May 15 - Catalina Jazz Club - Los Angeles, CA
May 16 - Jazz Alley - Seattle, WA
May 17 - Dazzle - Denver, CO
May 18 - Dazzle - Denver, CO
June 17 - Cleveland, OH (more info soon)
June 18 - Summer Solstice Festival - East Lansing, MI
June 19 - Dallas, TX (more info soon)
June 25 - Casa del Jazz - Rome, Italy
June 26 - Musig-Im-Ochosen - Muri, Switzerland
June 27 - Kulturparkett - Rapperswil, Switzerland
June 28 - Sunside - Paris, France
July 23 - Mendocino Jazz Festival (Duo with Becca Stevens)
Aug 3 - Stanford Jazz Festival (my quartet + Tillery)

One of the big highlights of the summer will be the concert at Stanford Jazz Workshop during the Jazz Residency week.

This is on Weds, Aug 3 at Dinkelspiel Auditorium - Stanford, CA. 8pm

I am doing a concert there with my quartet and also performing with three of my favorite vocalists and composers in the world - Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato, and Becca Stevens (together with Larry Grenadier called "Tillery"). All in the same night....

My quartet for that evening will feature Harish Ragahvan, Julian Lage, and Greg Hutchinson, a combination that I truly love playing in. I'm so fortunate that this concert will happen this year, and grateful to Stanford Jazz for the chance to do this concert - I hope to see many Bay Area friends - this one will be a particularly cool one!! Tickets go on sale May 2 - I would get 'em early....

Anyways just wanted to provide a heads up about some gigs - looking forward to a crazy year!

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 2:10 AM

Sat, April 23

Hey all!
To my Kansas-based friends, I will be in Wichita today to perform with Gretchen Parlato at the Wichita Jazz Festival
Hope to see some friends there!
peace, Taylor
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 9:12 PM

Weds, April 20

Hey everyone -
I'm excited to remind New York - based friends that I'm doing a special trio show tomorrow night (Weds, April 20) - 9:30pm at Smalls - with Joe Sanders on bass, and Clarence Penn on drums. Can't wait to play with this particular trio....
Hope to see some friends there!
peace, Taylor
Monday, April 18th, 2011 1:46 AM

Mon, April 18

Back in New York after a few really fun gigs in DC with Gretchen Parlato's group.
I'm really looking forward to writing sessions tomorrow with Becca Stevens and Julian Lage - lots of new music on the way....
I'm now a Twitterer! I dont consider myself a grumpy technology-resistent dude, and yet I took a long time to come around on the thing. The overload of abbreviations bugged me. I just couldn't take it seriously - just like I can't trust anyone who takes a cameraphone video of fireworks on the 4th of July, and watches their phone while they take the video, instead of the real thing. I dont even know what the hell a hashtag is. But I'm giving it a try. Still focusing more on my Facebook updates but I will keep it all up to dat....either way you can join me at 
and follow me on Twitter at 
Lots of new updates coming soon on the Discography page and many brand new videos will be up soon. Also there will be a cool update to the Current Projects section.....some interesting announcements to make soon.....
See you soon,
Saturday, April 16th, 2011 3:36 PM

Sat, April 16

Hey all - 
I just want to let everyone know that I will start posting nearly daily updates on this news page, in addition to my new Facebook music page, which I encourage my friends to check out as well: 
Click here
Tonight, I'm in DC with Gretchen Parlato, Mark Guiliana, Alan Hampton performing music off of Gretchen's new release - two more shows tonight at Bohemian Caverns - still about 10 tickets left for tonight's 10:30pm show - Washington, DC - based friends can call for reservations at (202) 299-0800
peace, Taylor
Monday, April 11th, 2011 2:29 AM

Lots of new Summer dates and beyond added....

hey all - 
Some incredibly fun summer shows have been added - I am grateful for the opportunity to travel with so many great friends who are inspiring musicians, and for the incredible support and friendship from many people who have reached out through the years by coming out to concerts, sending messages, and supporting the music. The jazz world in all of its diverse forms could not survive without the steadfast support shown by those who love the music and want to support the continued growth of new music.
Can't wait to embark on a lot of new projects, and hopefully I'll be doing a lot more video documenting soon....
Please have a look at the newly updated "Calendar" page & join us at a gig!
Thanks all!!!
peace, Taylor
Monday, April 4th, 2011 10:30 PM

Boston friends! A reminder

Hey all - I'll be in Boston, MA over the next three days - hope to see lots of Boston-based friends..... April 5 - Workshop with Julian Lage at Berklee College of Music April 6 - 1pm Workshop with Gretchen Parlato at Berklee - CONCERT - Narrows Center - Fall River, MA April 7 - CONCERT - Regattabar - Boston To all my friends that live in Boston that have hit me up for various lessons, etc. I might have a spare hour or two in there.....message me on Facebook if interested..... Thanks so much! peace, Taylor
Monday, April 4th, 2011 10:16 PM

Gretchen Parlato's new record

Hey everyone -

I am extremely proud to be playing piano on Gretchen Parlato's upcoming release "The Lost & Found", out everywhere on Obliqsound Records April 5

I highly recommend this album for fans of fresh sounding, innovative vocal jazz. It's an honor and pleasure to play in Gretchen's band - in fact, playing in her band live and on this recording, is one of the greatest joys I've ever had as a musician. Please come to a show and you'll feel the love that is in this group - so fun to be a part of playing her music and supporting the direction she is boldly taking vocal jazz

Available everywhere or on iTunes, or better yet, come out to a gig!!!!
Check the "Concerts" page - lots of options for you :)

peace, Taylor
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 3:59 PM

TONIGHT, Mar 26, 2011

Hey everyone! I hope my friends in the East Bay Area can come out to this special show tonight - solo piano plus some amazing special guests....the show will be in Oakland at Piedmont Piano Company $15 ($10 students) - Please call 510-547-8188 to reserve tickets 100% of all proceeds will go to earthquake relief in Japan
Click here for info
Thursday, March 17th, 2011 1:14 AM

Important Benefit Concert!

Hey Bay Area Friends....
I will be performing a solo piano concert as a benefit for Child Advocates of Silicon Valley on Sat, Mar 19 at the Heritage Theater in Campbell.

Approximately 1,800 children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned are now in the Santa Clara County foster care system.

Child Advocates has been providing essential services to this vulnerable population since 1986. The organization trains and supports Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers to work one-on-one with children, helping to ensure that each child will live in a safe and loving environment and has the resources needed to grow up healthy and strong.

Friends please come out to this if you are free, and support this important organization

Click here for more information

Hope to see you in CA soon!

peace, Taylor
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 9:37 PM


Hey everyone - 
What a year 2010 was! I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to visit many countries I haven't been before, and I'm looking forward to a lot more fun tours and musical situations in 2011. 
Please check out the updated "Concerts" page, which has a bunch of new tour dates and lots more are to be added soon for later summer, etc.
Some gigs I'm particularly excited about coming up are Feb 17 at Skidmore College in NY - Eric Harland, Chris Potter, Becca Stevens, Julian Lage, Harish Raghavan, and me - the Eric Harland group. Can't wait for this....
Also I have a fun trio concert coming up at Smalls in NYC with Larry Grenadier on bass, and Clarence Penn on drums on April 20. Hope lots of NY friends can make it out to that one.
Many new gigs and tours are being added with the Gretchen Parlato group, as well as the Kendrick Scott Oracle, and many new concerts with my band and solo piano. I am in the process of recording a solo piano album, amidst many other special projects.
Please feel free to buy "Daylight at Midnight" in a record store, online or thru iTunes, or at a concert sometime - makes a nice Christmas gift....
I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing holiday and I hope to see a lot of good friends at some gigs next year!
until 2011....
peace, Taylor
Saturday, September 18th, 2010 7:37 PM


Hey everyone - enjoy this new video overview of different projects I'm working on!

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 8:50 PM


Check the MEDIA page for all-new videos, including Rhapsody in Blue with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra!
"Rhapsody In Blue" - Taylor Eigsti & the PSO from Taylor Eigsti on Vimeo.
Saturday, September 4th, 2010 8:16 PM

DAYLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT is finally almost out!!

Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce that Daylight at Midnight is available September 21, 2010

Pre-Order now at Concord Music Group!

Saturday, September 4th, 2010 8:09 PM

New Tour Dates Added

Hey everyone - 
Some exciting updates coming soon - meanwhile, the concert schedule will stay up to date on the Calendar page. Hope to see some friends at a show soon!
Please check out the newly updated "Projects/Art" section for information on groups that I'm currently playing with. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to play with some really great musicians, and I am putting up more information about their music on this page, in addition to information about current and future projects of mine. Also there will be some new artwork there soon...
peace, Taylor
Monday, May 17th, 2010 3:53 AM

Hank Jones

I am greatly saddened to hear of the passing of the legendary Hank Jones. At the age of 91, he was one of the most perfect, incredible, inventive, and kind human beings and musicians the world will ever know. I feel honored to have had the chance to briefly hang with him and play some tunes. I will always remember the very short time I got to spend with him at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival a few years ago.  Rest in peace sir, and thank you immensely for the beautiful mark you have left on this world. The classiest musician of all time, in my opinion.
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 12:52 AM

Cinco de Mayo News Update

Hey all,

I wanted to share some updates with you...

First of all, I have two tremendously exciting concerts coming up in the Bay Area that I hope all of my friends can come to.

We are doing two shows with my trio and the San Jose Chamber Orchestra.
Here's an article about these concerts in the San Francisco Classical Voice written by the great writer Jeff Kaliss.

In these concerts, we will be premiering a new composition of mine written for String Orchestra and Jazz Trio entitled "ReTrianon", and we will be also performing a set of trio compositions and playing another piece called "Ekta" by composer Brent Heisinger with the orchestra and tabla/sitar virtuoso Ashwin Batish.

These are going to be some seriously special concerts and I really hope my friends can make it out to these.

I also have some other news and updates. My new album, Daylight at Midnight has moved it's release date to August 10, 2010. The first opportunity to buy this CD will be on August 7, at the big CD release concert to close The Stanford Jazz Festival. My whole new band will be there, featuring Eric Harland on drums, Becca Stevens on vocals, and Harish Raghavan on bass, with some special guests as well. I can't wait....

Speaking of Stanford, I am honored to officially join the Advisory Board of the Stanford Jazz Workshop. SJW has been an extremely important part of my whole career and musical development through the years at every stage, and this will be my 11th year on the faculty this year. This year's workshops run from July 18 thru Aug 7, and there are incredible concerts all through there. The faculty this year includes Dave Douglas, Nicholas Payton, Joshua Redman, George Cables, Eric Harland, Reuben Rogers, Harish Raghavan, Larry Grenadier, Larry Goldings, and many more. There is still space for people of all ages to sign up for the workshops - check out www.StanfordJazz.org

I am excited to add some new dates to the calendar. I'm thrilled to be in the Gretchen Parlato band, and we will be on tour on and off throughout the rest of the year. Gretchen is one of my favorite musicians of all time, and people, and bandleaders. I'm also very stoked to begin working some with the great singer Janis Siegel, of the legendary group Manhattan Transfer and much great solo work. Look for a date or two in the fall on the East Coast. Another singer which I am obviously excited to work with is in my band - Becca Stevens. We will have many dates throughout the rest of the year to celebrate the release of the new album. The website will be as up-to-date as possible during all of these tours, so check back for updates on the concert schedule.

I wanted to mention a cool project I'm involved in - the Eric Harland band. He is one of the most virtuosic, symphonic, and transcendently powerful musicians you could ever hear. Let alone a drummer. And his band is great - features Julian Lage, Harish Raghavan, and Walter Smith III. His new record, "Voyager", will be out in early summer. Check out his website iHarland.com for more information on the release, and you can even watch a movie trailer about the project.

Cavs over the Suns in the NBA Finals in 6 games. LeBron finally wins it....

Hope to see a lot of friends at some upcoming gigs!
Peace, and Happy Cinco de Mayo......
Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 5:26 PM

Some Brand New Updates - March 16, 2010

Hey everyone - 

I just finished playing with Nicholas Payton's group at the Village Vanguard this past week, and it was a truly great and memorable experience. It was my first time ever playing at the famous Village Vanguard, and I had chills walking in there the first night. The ghosts of Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Tommy Flanagan are so tangible, and although I've gone to many concerts there, it felt really cool and quite different to actually play there. A true honor, and it was some burning music!
If you missed the concert, but still would have wanted to hear it.....The Wednesday set was broadcast and recorded for NPR - here is a link to 
In other news, I can finally reveal a few secrets.....
I'm releasing my 7th album called "Daylight at Midnight" on July 27, 2010 on Concord Records.
I am extremely excited and proud of this project - it features my trio of Eric Harland on drums and Harish Raghavan on bass, and also includes the incredible vocalist Becca Stevens. we did a lot of covers of Rock/pop tunes by bands such as Coldplay, Imogen Heap, Feist, Mute Math, Elliot Smith, and more, in addition to a few originals.

I'm excited to take the music in a new direction - it is a very different record than my previous ones. I'm so anxious to start playing this new music! A lot of tour dates are now posted, and tons more are being lined up - I hope to see some friends at an upcoming show - the concerts page is now pretty updated. I will post some samples of the new record as soon as I can! We are in the final stages of mastering and artwork. Takes a long time for records to be put out! The waiting is killing me...

BAY AREA FRIENDS - please come out to a solo piano show I'm doing on Mar 28 at the First Congregational Church in Palo Alto, CA. The proceeds of CD sales at this concert will all go to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.
The more time passes after tragedies such as the earthquake in Haiti, the more help is needed in the massive rebuilding process. I hope that the music will inspire people to donate to this important fund further after the concert. For more information on this cause, go to www.ClintonBushHaitiFund.com

One more note: NBA Finals Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers over Dallas Mavericks in 6 games. Shaq will ride off into the sunset with one last ring......Last year on Mar 16, I predicted "Lakers over Orlando in the Finals in 5 or 6 games". Lets see if I can it right get two years in a row....

Peace! Taylor
Friday, January 29th, 2010 1:11 PM


Hey everyone!
A lot of exciting gigs are coming up, and many more are planned to celebrate the release of my new album on Concord Records, due out on May 25, 2010. 
One concert coming up that I'm particularly excited about is a special rare duet concert with GERALD CLAYTON at the Edye Theater in Santa Monica.

http://www.GeraldClayton.com - this is his website - check his stuff out! He is unbelievable.

This is happening TOMORROW (January 30), and I would love to see all of my LA-based friends! It will be an immense hang...
Gerald is a pianist that I am very inspired by, and he is a good friend of mine. It has been wonderful to watch his group evolve and really take off - he is nominated for his first (of many to come) Grammy Award this year, for BEST JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL SOLO, and he is headlining with his own trio at places like the Village Vanguard  in New York, among many other premiere venues. 
It is a true honor to do a duo-piano show with him, especially in such a great-sounding intimate stage as the Edye Theatre at the Broad Stage.
There are some tickets still available, but reservations are highly recommended. Please go to
http://www.thebroadstage.com/index.php/257 for more information and tickets.
This one will be a cool one!
Hope to see you all in Santa Monica tomorrow!
Thanks for listening.....
Monday, January 18th, 2010 3:14 AM

Symphony Concerts Jan 22/23

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while - I've mostly been busy preparing for a few gigs that are coming up that I am extremely excited about....

Friday, Jan 22, 2010 at the San Mateo Performing Arts Center - San Mateo, CA - and
Saturday, Jan 23, 2010 at the Flint Center - Cupertino, CA

Me and my new band "Free Agency" are performing with the PENINSULA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA!

Here's the link to information and tickets for this concert: www.PENINSULASYMPHONY.ORG

I am looking forward to these concerts more than any other concert in years!

on this Sunday, the San Jose Mercury News ran a story on the cover of the Lifestyle Section about this particular concert. Here is a link to this cool article....


I'll be playing some Gerswhin (Rhapsody in Blue and a few more), and we're going to do a lot of my new compositions, with the full band and the orchestra - and I'm incredibly excited about this!!

On vocals will be Gretchen Parlato (www.GretchenParlato.com) and Becca Stevens (www.BeccaStevens.com). On extra keyboards will be Maya Kronfeld (www.myspace.com/mayakron), on bass will be Harish Raghavan (www.myspace.com/harishraghavan), and on drums will be Aaron McLendon (www.myspace.com/amacdrums).

If you are in the Bay Area, please please please come out for this one! Very much an event that doesnt happen every day, and I'm honored and fortunate to have the opportunity. The two venues are incredible as well, and there are some tickets still available....

Anyways, I hope to see some Bay Area friends there.... Be-friend me on Facebook too! I'll keep you posted on what I'm up to, and also some fool-proof NFL predictions and opinions periodically....

Happy New Year!
Peace, Tay
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 4:04 PM

An exciting summer ahead....

Hey all,

Well the NBA Finals have ended, the humidity is on full blast, and we are fully entering summer quicker than certainly I was ready for....I'm bracing myself for a lot of travel coming up!

I'm pretty bad at packing light, so this will be a good chance for me to figure out how to downsize a bit....

Anyways, the concerts are now updated with a lot of new dates....

As far as my own group goes, I am thrilled to do the first two concerts with my new group, "FREE AGENCY" in the next month. On June 27, we will premiere a lot of the new songs at a club called The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. Info on tickets is on the "Calendar" page. A really big gig for us will be at the Stanford Jazz Festival on July 26 - Dinkelspiel Auditorium. Always my favorite gig of the year, and this year will be the best ever! Lots of special guests, etc.

I'm excited that I've started working more with Nicholas Payton's group. He has always been one of my idols, and it's incredibly thrilling to get the chance to converse musically within in his group. We just did a really fun concert in DC on the National Mall with Karreim Riggins and Esperanza Spalding. There's a bootleg of it swimming around for those who are good at searching the internet.....really fun gig!! He is a truly inspiring musician and I'm learning a lot from getting the chance to work with him.

We will be doing some concerts in Amsterdam and at North Sea, and there will be more concerts to come in the fall and the spring.

I'm also looking forward to playing more with one of the most incredible, musical, and versatile vocalists in the world - Gretchen Parlato. I'm doing a bunch of dates with her group on the west coast, in NY, and in Spain.

Another great group which I'm privileged to be working with this summer is Ambrose Akinmusire's band. Ambrose is one of the true innovators of his instrument, and he has an amazing new CD out. Looking forward to all of this! (And the two off days I get at North Sea - wooooo!!!!)

Anyways just wanted to put out a note about the new dates - have a glance at the Calendar page and come by a show in your area!! I am looking forward to seeing a lot of friends on the road throughout the rest of the year....

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 10:44 AM


Hey everyone!!

Happy New Year - I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive year of many brand new musical experiences. I've added a whole big handful of tour dates, so please check out the calendar section, and come out to some shows!

One gig coming up I'm especially excited about is a benefit for UC Berkeley's Jazz and Improvised Music Program on Feb 6 at Hertz Hall. I'll be playing in a trio with Jason Lewis and the great David Ewell, and there will be a Q&A and an opening act of a stellar student group. Please, please, please come to this if you are in the Bay Area in early February - tickets range from $15 to $25, and the proceeds benefit the kind of music program that needs to be paid more attention to, and I'm thrilled to be able to be a part of supporting it.

I also wanted to mention that I made the trek out to Washington DC to hear President Obama's inaugural speech a few days ago. We had to stand for 7 hours in the cramped cold (about 17 degrees and could only move half an inch either way), but the new President's message resonated with my numb, dead legs, and got my circulation flowing again. I'm really glad that I will get to tell my grandkids that I was there, even if all I could see was a damn Jumbotron.....

A few other highlights coming up this year are my first year teaching at Centrum - Jazz at Port Townsend. The lineup this year is ridiculous - I'm really honored to be a part of it. Another fun bunch of gigs coming up is a Japan tour with Reuben "Rolls Royce" Rogers and Eric Harland, as Reuben's trio. This will be in August in Tokyo, and I'm extremely excited to get out there again. Please check out ReubenRogers.com for more info on that.

I was thinking about this recently, and I would have to say that my top three performance highlights from 2008 would have been:

- Performing with my trio with the Peninsula Symphony in the Bay Area (repeat concert is coming in 2010!)

- Touring with the Eric Harland Band (Check out Eric's website - iHarland.com ....Eric is putting out a live record and DVD from our gigs in France - such positive, exciting music - really powerful stuff - can't wait till he releases it...

- Getting a chance to play with Joshua Redman, Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier, Jason Moran, Julian Lage, Richard Davis, and Charles McPherson all together in a super-octet at Stanford Jazz Workshop....I definitely will never forget that!
This year's Stanford Jazz Workshop was my favorite - I felt amazingly fortunate to get to play with so many amazing musicians there. It's always my favorite part of summer.

That's the update for now, hope you all are staying warmer than I am here. New York has redefined the term "winter" for me. This is the longest I've ever gone consecutively being able to see my breath in the air.....

Peace!!! - Tay
Sunday, October 19th, 2008 6:40 AM

Interview / Some cool stuff

Hey everyone - just a real quick note to post a link to an interview I did a while back on the BBC, with the great Linley Hamilton - this link gives information about his show, which is quite cool.

Check it out and enjoy

Right now I'm in Paris, France on tour with the Eric Harland group having so much fun. Eric's music is really powerful stuff and its truly an honor to be playing with him.

Anyways, hope everyone's doing good!

Peace, Taylor
Friday, July 4th, 2008 2:36 PM

Summer Update!

Hey everyone -

I am really excited to be out travelling again! I've been having some really fun concert opportunities with a mixture of different great musicians - hope to see you at a future concert......

The next two weeks I'm going to be gone on a European tour with Julian Lage as a duo. We are playing at the Pizza Express in London for two nights, then we are opening for the Maria Schneider Orchestra at Europa Freilicht Buhne in Germany, going to the Bix Club in Stuttgart right after, and closing the tour with a week in Vitoria, Spain. I'm really excited to get out there and see some places I haven't seen before!

The new album, "Let it Come to You" has been doing really nicely, and some new reviews are posted in the "About" section, including Downbeat Magazine and others. Thanks to all for your continued support for the album, and thanks especially to the radio community as well - it's been in the top ten on the Jazzweek National Airplay charts for about 9 weeks and even went as high as #2! I'm really excited to have the new music out there....

I wanted to take a second to talk about two records I think you'll enjoy - one comes out on August 19 called "Invisible Cinema" by Aaron Parks. Aaron is one of the most amazing, unique composers and improvisors in the jazz world. This is his first release on Blue Note Records and the sample music on his Myspace Page sounds incredible. Another project that you will enjoy is Gerald Clayton's new CD, which will also be released sometime fairly soon. Gerald is a master composer and pianist - he plays with so much passion and drive and has utter control over his instrument, combining the energy of hard-swinging music with the sophistication of modern harmony and rhythms - Check his website - www.GeraldClaytonMusic.com

Thats it for now - hope to see you this summer!
peace, Taylor
Friday, May 9th, 2008 6:24 PM

New ALBUM, interviews, reviews!

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce that the new album,

"Let It Come to You"

is now officially out and available everywhere!! Please check it out, and tell your friends!

I'm really looking forward to a fun tour season coming up - the next few concerts are at Scullers in Boston on Weds, May 14, and at the Jazz Standard in New York from May 15-18. Hope to see you at a concert coming up!

There have been some recent interviews, discussing the new project, and more. Here are a few of them:

EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE - Interview with Russell Trunk
JAZZ POLICE - Interview with Andrea Canter

I feel very grateful that there have been some really wonderful reviews recently. The "reviews" section on the "About" page has some of the newest reviews about "Let It Come to You". Here's a few recent ones:

BOSTON HERALD- Kevin R. Convey

ALL MUSIC GUIDE- Johnathan Widran

EJAZZNEWS- Glenn Astarita


For my German friends....

Please check back often for updates! I hope everyone has a great week!

Peace, TAY
Thursday, May 1st, 2008 9:00 AM

Welcome to the Brand New Website!!

Hey everyone!

I am so thrilled to announce the arrival of the new TaylorEigsti.com (or tayjazz.com for those of you who used to go to the old website). This website was created through the imaginitive eye of Judy Frisk, a master web designer who has been awesome to work with. Judy took a lot of my artwork and came up with really neat animations, and made a layout for the site that is easy to navigate, and loaded with cool features.

I hope you enjoy all of the new features, which are pretty extensive. There is a news page, where I will post any new cool events that are on the horizon, an updated calendar page, a bio page with many items available for press, full discography, a page with videos called "Media", a collection of different photos, a page highlighting new projects that I am starting, as well as a page featuring some of my artwork. I really hope you enjoy this, and feel free to leave a message on the "Contact" page.

Hope to see you at a future concert! There are quite a few of them coming up, so please just check the Calendar page for the most recent update to my schedule.......

Maybe I will still be inspired to post some of my NFL predictions here as well....unless the 49ers make me too depressed to think about football again......